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Trees are living organisms and should be treated as such. Let us offer you tree protection plans, disease and pest management, deep root feeding, and more!

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1-Hour Tree Inspection Consultations

Utilize our CalSky comprehensive 1-Hour Inspection service! Our professional team will be able to inspect for dangerous branches, SOD (Sudden Oak Death), disease, and more. Receive a full detailed report on completion!

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Experienced Arborist & Dendrologist

Working with a number of clients of the years, in both the private and public sectors, has given us a major advantage over others. We offer a wide range of services to meet our clients’ needs, and have the kind words to prove it!

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Degreed Urban Foresters & Arborists in Houston

CalSky Urban Forestry is a premier, cutting edge tree care, protection and preservation service.

The combination of expertise, attention to safety, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing is obvious in every job that we complete. Like a grand tree in a forest of mediocre trees, CalSky Urban Forestry stands out among the competition.

CalSky Urban Forestry is like no other Arborist company in Houston (or within the state) and our customers are just as excellent as the services we offer. Customers of CalSky want, demand, expect, and most importantly deserve the best. They understand that tree removal is not simply a chainsaw and someone yelling “timber!” as it falls. In fact, we strive to save as many trees as possible through several different treatments. The people we work with expect quality results in a timely manner and on budget. CalSky Urban Forestry meets and most often exceeds customer expectations each and every time.

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CalSky is the result of Texas A&M alum that holds Bachelors of Science in Urban Forestry. Let us evaluate your tree care needs!

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CalSky Urban Forestry Consulting’s team is passionate about arboriculture and the future of urban forestry. We enthusiastically share our knowledge with diverse audiences, and offer a wide range of services for our clients.

Deep Root Feeding
& Fertilization

As humans, our habits can cause the soil in urban forest areas to be deficient of nutrients and minerals. Read More

Deep Root Feeding and Fertilization can help the trees get the food they need to thrive.

Disease &
Pest Management

Comprehensive treatment plans will provide the best results for our clients’ trees to preserve them and improve their life cycle.

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CalSky will implement strategies such as threshold and life cycle analysis, chemical application strategies, and others in order to control urban forest diseases and pest populations effectively.



Soil can become compacted causing interference with the natural gaseous exchanges between the roots of a tree and the

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atmosphere. Compacted soil also leads to drainage problems, damage to the soil environment, and substandard macro and micro pore spacing.

Aerated soil is of utmost importance for the health of the roots and tree itself. It responds better to changes in climate and extreme temperatures. Compacted soil gets hotter than properly aerated soil. Hot soil allows for rapid evaporation that starves the roots of much needed moisture.

CalSky Urban Forestry Consulting understands how important soil aeration services are. We can answer all of your questions about soil aeration and address any concerns you may have. Understanding the importance of soil aeration will help you help your trees maintain proper moisture and help the soil maintain a healthy ecosystem.

CalSky has several techniques that we have perfected and even a couple we have developed ourselves, as Dendrologists. We will replace that compacted soil with a specially formulated organic compound that will provide a water and air route to the tree’s roots. The organic compound creates a great environment that restores your urban surroundings back to how Mother Nature intended allowing soils to maintain the nutrients provided. Remember, properly aerated soil is healthy soil and will help your trees thrive in all temperatures.

(Root Collar Excavations)


Root collar excavation is removing soil from around the trunk of the tree to check for problems. Root color deterioration, choking

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roots, wires, ground cover, and excessive soil accumulation are the problems that can be diagnosed with root collar excavation. A professional is very careful so the roots are not damaged in the process.

Choking, also called girdling, is a constriction of major flare roots of the tree. Various things can cause choking in a tree. Not removing a wire or twine during planting, the tree’s own roots, or roots from neighboring shrubs are all common causes. Soil buildup around the base of the tree, planting the tree too deep, or ground cover planting that is too dense are all causes of physiological girdling.

There may or may not be obvious symptoms from choking. If the trunk of the tree looks like it has no root flare, but instead comes straight out of the ground, it could be suffering from girdling. In the fall, early defoliation is a symptom. In the spring, low leaf set is also a symptom. Foliage that rests very close to the branches, called poor shoot elongation, is a condition that indicates that the trunk is being choked. These conditions are preventable and should be prevented whenever possible because they affect the vascular system of the tree. Damage to the vascular system can cause the tree to die.

Treating a choking tree should be done carefully because more damage can be done while trying to solve the problem. If the flare cannot be seen, it must be revealed. Removing the soil around the trunk or cutting the ground cover until the root flare is visible is the first step to discovering what is choking the tree. The object that is choking the tree, even if it is a root, should be cut carefully. If there is no object found that could be girdling the tree, the ground cover should be considered.

Ground cover is often overlooked as a problem, but it is common that very thick covering can choke the tree. The trunk tissue is not designed to come into contact with moist soil. When it comes into contact with the wet soil, the bark absorbs it and impedes the normal exchange of gases. This can cause deterioration and decay of the trunk tissue while boosting the development of future girdling roots.

The Degreed Urban Forester, Consulting Arborist, and Dendrologist at CalSky Urban Forestry Consulting is well trained to recognize symptoms of girdling and the know how to correct the problem. Give us a call today and we will come on site to determine exactly what the problem is for your tree and develop a plan of action to get your tree back to normal.

Root Barriers


Biobarrier is an excellent root control system for many landscaping situations. Examples include home and all building

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foundations, sidewalks, swimming pools, gardens, and outdoor sporting courts.

Root control is another great service that CSUF offers customers!

We have all seen a sidewalk that has had portions of it cracked an pushed up due to the growth of roots from a nearby tree. Similar effects happen to all sorts of other structures, most importantly and costly to repair, your foundation because there is nothing in place to prevent the roots from causing damage.

While physical barriers alone can create root girdling, BioBarrier stops continued root growth allowing for healthier trees. Placed beside the object to be protected, BioBarrier creates a zone of protection on all sides of the nodules. Roots growing into the zone are redirected while roots outside the zone continue to grow normally; tree health is not impacted since Trifluralin is not systemic.

This is where Biobarrier comes in. Biobarrier is an advanced long-term root control system which incorporates time-release nodules. When strategically placed in the soil, it prevents structural damage from root encroachment, without causing damage to the roots or tree. Effective life of Biobarrier is at minimum 15 years!

Tree Protection

Generally, Tree Protection Plans are needed on construction sites and many municipalities actually require them before any

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projects can begin. Our staff will work with the city’s by-laws and the construction company to develop a tree protection plan using the industry’s best practices.

Seasons Programs


CalSky understands the importance of tailoring tree care to each season. No landscape is the same, so each program is

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customized to the landscape of the customer. Focusing on the seasons is year round tree care that utilizes the natural cycles and seasonal growth patterns of trees. This program encourages tree health by promoting growth, offering biological defenses, and creating disease resistance.

Each season is unique and requires a specific regiment

Spring: Soil health as well as leaf and shoot development is the main focus. Injections at the root zone of beneficial bacteria and additional microorganisms improve soil health and encourage the future development of the tree.

Spring through Summer: The same formula that was injected in the roots is applied to the foliage and soaked into the soil. The organisms in this powerful liquid are colonized with the leaves and twigs, creating resistance to insects and disease.

Fall: Another root zone injection is applied to encourage root development.

Winter: To control small insects that feed on plant sap such as mites environmentally friendly horticultural oil is applied to trees and shrubs

Focusing on the seasons ensures that your trees receive the proper care to meet each season’s demands. This will create long lasting, beautiful trees that will adorn your landscape and provide shade for years to come.

New Tree Planting

New Tree Planting

New Trees, New Life. Trees usually live a long time, but they do age and eventually die or succumb to diseases and pests.

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In addition, population growth and new construction leads to trees being leveled at a ridiculous pace. This is a sad fact of life, but CalSky Urban Forestry Consulting believes that each person on this Earth can play a part in keeping our tree life abundant and healthy.

Construction companies should adopt a policy: if you take a tree, you leave a tree. Sadly, it is not a perfect world and many trees are destroyed every day without a suitable replacement planted to replenish our forests. Because of this, planting a tree is an exciting event for CalSky.

We would love to help you select the perfect tree for your property and plant it at your desired location. Our education and certification guarantees that we will choose a tree that will be structurally sound and suitable for your needs and the property that it will live on for many years to come.

Cabling and Bracing


Trees can develop a weak structure, requiring care to keep them healthy and also prevent future injury. Routine maintenance

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will help trees from developing weaknesses, but not prevent them completely. These weaknesses are dangerous for the tree, the surrounding property, and people nearby.

A common problem is weak attachment, created when multiple branches that are approximately the same size arise around the same level on the trunk. Horizontal branches are more vulnerable to be weakened by decay and storms. Sometimes, a proper pruning is enough to keep trees safe. Other times this is not enough and the trees require cabling and bracing to reduce stress.

Cabling is the attachment between branches of a steel cable that will limit limb motion and reduce stress on the branches. Trees can also be cabled together to create support. Bracing with bolts or threaded rods can unite split trunks or branches as well as hold limbs that are rubbing each other together or apart. Bracing can also secure weak or split crotches.

CalSky Urban Forestry Consulting erforms all cabling and bracing in accordance with ANSI industry standards. We use hardware that is designed for use in trees and installation methods that are proven to work. We love to save trees and try to every chance we get, but it is important for a full assessment to be conducted of the tree to decide if the tree is worth the cost and effort to be saved.

CalSky Urban Forestry Consulting is here to create and maintain support for your trees. Each year, we will come to your property and inspect cabling and bracing to ensure that they remain structurally sound. Sometimes, cabling needs to be raised after a period of eight to ten years.

Oak Wilt Management

oak wilt management

CalSky is familiar with the latest research and education in the topic allowing us to easily recognize oak wilt and the

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know how to manage it.

Oak Wilt is an insidious disease that affects Live Oaks and Red Oaks and is able to kill a tree in one growing season. Oak Wilt is caused by fungus spores and is carried between trees by tiny beetles that eat the fungus. Trees can also become infected with the disease by using the same tools that were used on infected trees without sterilizing them first.

An indicator of Oak Wilt is fast yellowing of the outside leaves of the top of the tree in middle or late spring. The entire canopy will become yellow quickly, causing it to lose its leaves. It is important to diagnose this disease as early as possible and all trees need to be treated. A pruning technician can reduce the spread of Oak Wilt. He will use a specially formulated mixture to seal wounds on the tree, sterilizing his tools after each tree.

Construction Mitigation

construction mitigation


Construction and renovation of homes is an ongoing process around the United States. It is not uncommon for new owners of

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residential urban property to remove existing houses to clear land for new construction. Construction and renovation plans need to be considerate of the existing trees.

CalSky will help the property owner protect the trees throughout the entire construction process- before, during, and after. The following is a list of precautions that should be taken before beginning construction:

  • Fence the tree protection area and posting signs to indicate areas are off limits.
  • Determine and assign dollar value to each tree in the tree protection area.
  • Minimize soil contamination in the area. Paints, solvents, and combustible materials are sources that can cause contamination.
  • Minimize soil compaction in the area by keeping traffic limited and heavy equipment stored away from trees.
  • Minimize excavation by routing utilities around trees or combining them in one path that tunnels instead of needing a ditch or trench.
  • Prune only when absolutely necessary.
  • Delay planting anything new until construction is complete.
  • Regular watering before, during, and after summer construction to promote growth and reduce shock.

Your commitment is not enough to preserve the trees on your property. Your contractor must understand this importance as well. Penalties for tree damage are a good method to ensure cooperation from the contractor and protect your trees. The added cost of protecting the trees will still be less than the cost of repairing or replacing the trees.

Forestry Pruning

urban forestry pruning

Trees are pruned so that they will continue to stand as healthy, structurally safe, and beautiful trees. CalSky Urban Forestry

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knows that each species of tree is different and should be treated that way. Each species, like each customer, has its own needs and requirements. We take care of each tree just as those requirements arose, while taking care of our customers budgets, time, and preferences. We follow industry standards for tree care and safety.

This is what CalSky’s standard pruning can do for your trees:

  • Remove dead or diseased wood
  • Cut broken limbs
  • Rectify any crossing limbs that can hurt the structure of the tree
  • Reduce the weight of limbs, minimizing accidental breakage
  • Filter light to allow adequate light to plants under the canopy and soils to promote proper dry out, enhancing pathogen and insect resistance.
  • Filter the air through the canopy, reducing breakages caused by wind resistance
  • Reduce or control insects and diseases
  • Restructuring and/or reshaping
  • Crown reduction
  • Encourage new growth
  • Meet decorative preferences: topiar

Not sure what your tree needs and want an experts opinion? Just ask!

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Need an experts opinion? Just ask!

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CalSky's Recent Projects

Urban forest areas can be an oasis in a sea of concrete, steel, and glass. However, without proper care, trees can potentially be a hazard. It is CalSky’s policy to maintain, assess, and treat urban forest areas with the most minimal risk possible to the environment, public, and the property.

140 Year Old Oak
Construction Preservation

CalSky implemented Construction Preservation services for a 140 year old Oak in Texas.

150 Year Old Oak
Construction Preservation

CalSky implemented Construction Preservation services for a 150 year old Oak in Texas.

Out-of-County Tree
Preservation (Fayetteville)

CalSky completed an out-of-county preservation in Fayetteville for a private residence.

Live Oak Protection
& Construction Mitigation

Our most recent project, for JPI Construction in Downtown Houston, included Live Oak Protection, Canopy & Root Reduction to allow clearance for new structure while minimizing effects, and all necessary Pre- and Post-Preservation methods.

Tree & Urban Forestry FAQs

Urban Forestry, what is it?
Simply put, urban forestry is the management of trees in cities and towns. These trees serve their homes with a myriad of benefits, but when left unmanaged, they can pose safety concerns, breed disease, and even be a potential liability for the property owner. As degreed arborists, the CalSky team knowledgeable in all aspects of managing our clients’ urban forest areas. We provide services encompassing the forest wholly and individually as well.

Why can't I remove my own tree?
This is due to many municipalities having strict ordinances for tree removal. However, CalSky is experienced with obtaining the necessary removal permits. We are familiar with the various by-laws such as the height and species restrictions. Although frustrating, these ordinances are for the safety of the property owner and others. No one wants to have a tree crash through his or her roof or a neighboring home or business. We can also provide an arborist report, should the permit need one.
What are the benefits to urban forests?
There are many benefits to having healthy urban forests. They bring up the aesthetics in cities and towns. Trees can have community benefits such as being part of a recreation area or park. Urban forests also benefit the environment by acting as living air purifiers, cleansing the air we breathe. Lastly, but certainly not least, they have monetary benefits. Some species can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars. In fact, CalSky offers a tree appraisal service to know just what our client’s trees are worth.

Happy Clients!

I Can Already Tell The Difference

Jason came out, looked over my trees and gave me a quote. He told me I needed to do it as soon as possible because my trees would start turning colors and dying. It was out of my budget so I decided not to do it. About 2 weeks later my trees started wilting, the leaves were falling off. I called Jason back out, and he has been treating my tree for a couple of weeks and I can already tell the difference!!!

Thank you so much.

-Diana Smith, Homeowner

They Now Look Absolutely Amazing!

I had two companies out to look at my large tree (I now know I have a Cedar Elm, the two other guys that looked at it couldn’t even tell me that much) that was not doing well. Both companies, in not so many words, had no idea what was wrong much less what to do to help. I then had Jason Cole with CalSky Urban Forestry Consulting come out to take a look. He is very professional, courteous, and took a lot of time to explain in detail what was going on and what needed to be done. It is extremely obvious that he has a formal education and years of experience, and can see in his eyes how passionate he is about trees and our environment as a whole. He mentioned that if he didn’t help protect our community for everyone, including his wife and daughters, who will. He’s right!!!

He did not present me with the typical hand written estimate with a brief description, with the price being the only thing legible. He emailed me a formal report, literally from his truck while at my curb. The price was fair, but more importantly the description was very detailed. He didn’t just treat and take payment. He designed a well-thought out “Seasons Program”. My tree, as well as two others he took care of, now look absolutely amazing.

I will not let anyone other than Jason touch my trees again!!! Thanks Jason!!!

-Teresa Gordon, Homeowner

Great Service & Value

Before finding CalSky I had been told my very large Oak needed to come down. I found Jason Cole and had him come take a look. He said the tree had some issues but did NOT need to come down. He did treatment last November 2015, and my tree is doing great! I had him come out this May just to check on it. Jason is very professional and knowledgable and really cares about the trees and the customer. He has integrity and always gives his customers great value and service.

-Joyce Mcgrath, Homeowner

Professional & Prompt

Jason at CalSky was very professional and prompt. I noticed some of the leaves turning brown and I called them to come out and do an inspection. Mr. Cole worked with my schedule and arrived on time.

-Heather Smith, Homeowner

The Best Arbor Job

I had two large oak trees trimmed. The arborist who came out to discuss the work with me beforehand was very knowledgeable, listened to what I was thinking of having done, and gave me well-thought-out advice on how to achieve what I was wanting (more sun for my flower beds) while still keeping my trees healthy and beautiful. The work was scheduled and completed within days of the consultation. The work done was exactly what the arborist and I had discussed, it was done well, and the clean-up was excellent — no branches lying around, no trampled flower beds, nothing on the patio disturbed.

-Vicki Huff, Homeowner

Highly Recommended!

I was refered to the arborist Jason from a co-worker that used him before. I called and scheduled an appoontment for Jason to come out and take a look at what was going on with them. He came out to my house when he scheduled to and the treatments were done really fast. We are very happy with the service and would highly recommend them.

– Margarita Budz

Looks Better Than I Even Hoped!

They (Jason) came out and treated two “sick” trees for me, quick and easy. This was SUCH a blessing because he was the third company we had out and immediately I could tell he knew what he was talking about! THEN, we had them back out to trim all the trees around our house…I am being honest, it looks way better than I could have even hoped! I am spreading the word like wild fire in my neighborhood because our house looks so clean and fresh now!! Thank you!!!!

– Meredith Sipko

Very Hands-On!

My husband and I were referred from a co-worker, he had spoke very highly of the Arborist Jason Cole and the staff as well.

We were having some issues with our 3 oak trees and Jason came out and really impressed us with all his knowledge of what was going on with our trees and what he could do to get them healthy again and look beautiful for many years to come.

Jason was very hands on and showed us exactly what was going on with our trees and really explained to us what had caused them to get that way. The treatment for the trees was really affordable and everyone we talked to with the company was very friendly and professional.

I will never let anyone else touch our trees again.

– Mr. & Mrs. Budz

Very Professional & Friendly

Noticed some browning on a tree in my front yard a few months back, gave [them] a call to come look at it. Jason was very professional and friendly, recommended a treatment plan that worked wonders. Would definitely use again for any tree work in the future.

– Samantha Devon

About CalSky Urban Forestry

CalSky is a team of well-educated, experienced Degreed Urban Foresters/Dendrologists and Arborists from Texas A&M.

We offer a wide range of services to our clients and passionately speak regularly to insurance providers and HOAs. We are more than willing to share our knowledge with everyone, as CalSky is a business, but trees are our passion.


Experienced & Certified

Jason is a formally educated Arborist practicing in Texas. As well, he shares his passion with the community and others around him. He strives to be registered with the American Society of Consulting Arborists, has years of experience working with clients in both the public and private sectors.



Trees are living organisms and should be treated as such. They are our passion, and we always strive for saving the trees, instead of taking the easy route by simply removing them.


Speaking, Training, & Education

CalSky Urban Forestry’s team is passionate about arboriculture and enthusiastically shares our knowledge with diverse audiences. Some of the more popular topics we cover are tree preservation and development, tree risk assessment, long-term ecological urban forestry planning and management, and the latest advancements in arboricultural practices, technologies, and techniques.

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